Sword type XIV

The new custom sword type XIV is ready
The work on this project was very interesting and nice.
The sword is inspired by the Sovereign of Albion Swords.
I can say – it is great speciment with good ballance, it lie very nice in hand.
The blade is very inflexible, sharp and perfectly polished.
The scabbard is made with wood with the natural wool inside, with deeply sculpted natural leather.
The fittings, buckle and chape give this project a unique character.

Total lenght: 87,5cm
Blade width at the base: 75mm
Blade lenght: 71cm
Weight: 1170g
Balance: 8,5cm
Thickness of blade (at the base): 5mm
Grip lenght: 10,3cm
Edge is sharp
Full functional, made with high quality steel 51CrV4 (6150),
Hardened 54HRC