VIKING sword type X

VIKING sword type X from X-XIth. century.
The blade is type 5 in Geibig’s classification. It is a long, big blade and it has incredible blow strength.
All elements are full handmade – forged blade, holes in the crossguard and pommel forged in a traditional way and a socketforged by hand from sheet of metal. Photos of the process you could seen in my posts.
The pattern on the scabbard was carved in 3D way without the punches with a ready pattern and without ready-made rollers.

Viking sword type X
Full functional, made with high quality steel 51CrV4 (6150)
Hardened 54HRC,
Total lenght: 100,5cm,
Blade lenght: 86cm,
Blade width at the base: 5cm,
Balance: 14,5cm,
Grip lenght: 10cm,
Weight 1250g,
Edge is sharp